What we’re reading: 22 months

Books for bedtime

Little Man's bed at bedtime

My son loves story time. It comes after bath time, which he loves some days and hates others, and after good night kisses to Daddy, “Baby Lala,” Wembley, and “Kitty Kitty”. This part takes a while as the cat is not convinced that standing still in front of a toddler is a good idea.

Right now, the favorites are pretty much anything by Sandra Boynton, but especially the Going to Bed Book (we have four copies!), Doggies, and Snuggle Puppy. Also on the list, Where the Wild Things Are, The Story of Abe Lincoln (yes, Abe Lincoln or “Abie” as Little Man calls him), My Mommy and Me, and My Mother is Mine. [Read more...]

Yet another reason to have a dog.

Wembley, the dogly saint

Last night was rough.

We’ve moved into the new house, but Little Man can’t stay there during the day because, until yesterday, the paint was still wet and all of our worldly possessions are stacked in the middle of each room. So, every day we drop him off at our nanny’s house and pick him up at day’s end. All fine, except our nanny lives an hour away, sometimes more as traffic during rush hour is always going with you.

So, last night I left work at 4:45, got to her house at 5:20 (amazing time), packed him up and set off again at 5:45. He hates the car seat now so he goes stiff as a board when you try to put him in it and starts screaming. Last night he alternated screaming and whining for an hour in the car. I was so frazzled when we got home; I called Mike to vent but just ended up being nasty to him out of frustration (he was at the old house trying to empty the fridge). [Read more...]

One year old tomorrow.

I'm ready for cake!

My little boy is one year old tomorrow. How is that possible? I’m seriously muddled on my emotions. He is becoming a toddler in every way – he walks, he babbles constantly and he throws fits. He’s not very good at the last part, his heart doesn’t appear to be in it and I have a sneaking suspicion that he feels a tad silly. He understands that he can make people laugh and tries to do so whenever possible.

When I think back to the day he was born it seems like a distant hazy memory, like something that happened to someone else or a dream I had once. Yet, the day I carried him into our house and freaked out about germs and neatness and the overly excited dog is as fresh in my memory as this very morning.

A friend asked me how my life had changed since my Little Man graced the world. It’s such a huge question, but I stand by my simple answer – perspective. I know now what is important, I know what is just passing through my life and I know what’s most important.

I’m so much happier because of this life change.