What we’re reading: 22 months

Books for bedtime

Little Man's bed at bedtime

My son loves story time. It comes after bath time, which he loves some days and hates others, and after good night kisses to Daddy, “Baby Lala,” Wembley, and “Kitty Kitty”. This part takes a while as the cat is not convinced that standing still in front of a toddler is a good idea.

Right now, the favorites are pretty much anything by Sandra Boynton, but especially the Going to Bed Book (we have four copies!), Doggies, and Snuggle Puppy. Also on the list, Where the Wild Things Are, The Story of Abe Lincoln (yes, Abe Lincoln or “Abie” as Little Man calls him), My Mommy and Me, and My Mother is Mine. [Read more...]

I miss you already

Baby GirlMike and I are going away for the weekend. I mean away from the babies. Little Man is going to be fine once he gets over being picked up from school by someone that isn’t me or Daddy, but my baby girl… ugh. [Read more...]

Confession – I wish I had a commute

When I was in boarding school, I would have to take the train in to London every other month or so. Whether I was flitting off to find my folks in some far off land or begging a room from a friend that lived there, I would sit on the train, stare out the window and read. I watched commuters, half asleep in their suits and overcoats, typing away on massive laptops or scribbling in spiral bound notebooks and think, “That’ll be me one day.” [Read more...]