My reasons for two c-sections

I’ve heard so much hoopla about Americans and their love for c-sections in the last few years that I decided to get my opinion out there. I know c-sections are not natural and should only be used in cases of emergency (actually I don’t know this, it’s just what I hear), but weighing up the options, here are the very simple reasons I chose c-section the second time. Hint: they both were the less deadly of the options.

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Things I learned about having a baby

Our Nurse, Irene

A friend of mine is due any day now and I’m dying to give her advice because I’m a recovering know-it-all (this blog is part of my 12 steps. I haven’t figured out the other 11 yet, guess that’s why I’m still recovering), but I know how annoying advice is during pregnancy so I’ve kept my mouth shut… until now.

Here are a few of the things I learned about giving birth, bringing home baby, having a newborn…

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