Beauty trial: nails

I am trying to be one of those women that you’d say, “I don’t know how she does it.”
Which is the opposite of my current life, which usually brings people to say, “Wow, you must be really busy” while looking at my uncovered “freckles,” my chipped toenails, red flip flops and leggings.

So, nails are one of the first places I decided to give this a go. I took inspiration from Chloe’s Nails: Christmas nails.

I wore this for a couple days (that’s good for me) and it was cute; not this neat, but not a bad start. Second was pink and gray (loving these colors right now).

It takes all day for me to get this done (luckily I have my own busyness, so I do a nail, work, another, work, etc). Again, not perfect, but I am getting better. What do you think?

I don’t know how she does it!

I saw this movie. You know, the one with Sarah Jessica Parker. It was cute. Completely predictable, but still cute. The thing is, she’s crazy busy, right? Juggling a high-powered career, a marriage, two kids, PTA, etc. and somehow manages to get it all done. That’s fine. I get how difficult that part is. I’m pregnant, tired and emotional, I own my own business, just moved house, have a toddler who wants mama more than anyone else, dog, cat, and now dog sitting, family in town for the holidays… What baffles me is, how does SJP get her nails done? Where does she find THAT time? And her hair cut and her eyebrows waxed (not to mention the other bits and pieces) and when does she go to the gym? [Read more...]