I could be a celebrity!

Lindsay Lohan exhaustedLindsay Lohan is a chronic exhaustion sufferer and boy, do I know how she feels! I’m pooped! Mike and I had friends over night before last and I had 2 glasses of wine (2!!!!) and enough food to satisfy an elephant, we went to bed super late (like 11:30), slept very poorly and the babies woke us up at 6:15. As a result, I had nausea all day yesterday and ended up in bed at 7pm after not eating anything all day.

I woke up this morning feeling better but still feeling so sluggish. I can’t help but question whether I am actually ready for grown up time or not. Perhaps two children under 2, gym time, running a company, and keeping house is enough for right now? Right Lindsay? Wait, what’s that… No children, you say? A housekeeper? I’m confused…


Little Man has something to say

Quote for my son: I will by the Beatles

Who knows how long I’ve loved you,
You know I love you still.
Will I wait a lonely lifetime,
If you want me to I will.

For if I ever saw you,
I didn’t catch your name.
But it never really mattered,
I will always feel the same.

Love you forever and forever,
Love you with all my heart.
Love you when we’re together,
Love you when we’re apart.

And when at last I find you,
Your song will fill the air.
Sing it loud so I can hear you,
For the things you do
Endear you to me.
You know I will,
I will.