Here I go again!

How the hell did this happen? I had a nightmare conceiving Little Man, so when I skipped periods for a couple months I thought, could it be? One test said no. Next month I skipped again. Two tests said no. So, off to the doc with me.
She ran some tests, asked some questions:
Her: you tired?
Me: I have a ten month old and my own new business and bronchitis. I’m exhausted.
Her: Could you be knocked up? [Read more...]

Hormones do silly things to a person

My husband took our 10-month old to visit friends today while I caught up on some work. He was gone for a few hours when I decided I’d had enough of sitting inside so I called to see if I should join him. First, he didn’t answer and I realized they were probably sitting around the pool, drinking beer and playing with the kids. Not listening for the phone.

Finally, I called the house and got hold of him. I asked if I should join and the response I expected (yes, come on down) was not exactly what I got. Instead, I got, “It’s an hour away.”

I started crying.

7 things you shouldn’t say when a friend tells you she’s pregnant

1. “I knew it, you look bigger”/ “I could tell” “Thank God, I thought you were getting fat” (or any variation).
My friend said this to me and the last time I had seen her, I wasn’t pregnant. If someone should ask you to guess their news, never guess this; even if you know she’s trying, it would be very painful for her if you’re wrong.

2. “Wow, do you think that’s a good idea?”
No matter what you think of your friend’s relationship or her ability to be a good mother, your opinion will come back to bite you. [Read more...]