My lunch

This is my lunch. Yes, mine. Not my daughter’s but mine, baby fork and all. Yes, it was somebody else’s previously but they ate the yogurt and ran. So now its mine. Sometimes you just gotta grab it while you can.


Sunday Snackday

I’ve been in toddler food hell for the last few weeks. Between starting new schools, and then starting different schools because I wasn’t comfortable with the first school, and guests in town, and working non-stop, it’s been really tough to come up with imaginative lunches and snacks. Especially snacks. Sure I could give them goldfish every day  and they would probably be happy, but what the hell is in Goldfish? Nothing that addictive can possibly be good right? And Chewy granola bars are delicious too, but two active kids can chew through a box of those things before you even get to the register.

So, I’ve made a decision. It’s huge.

Are you ready?

Ok, I should probably mention that it’s not that huge. I don’t want you to be overly disappointed when you hear it, so maybe lower your expectations a little, k?

I’m instituting…

Sunday Snackday {}

{Ok, maybe that was pretty cool!}

I am collecting recipes on my Pinterest Toddler Food board for snacks. Mostly home made versions of the snacks my kids love. I’m gonna test one out every Sunday and report back to you on the quality, whether it was worth the hassle (i.e. did I save money), how long they last, and what Mike thought of it; Mike is like Gordon Ramsey and Joe Bastianich’s love child when it comes to processed food. You’ve never seen a nose turned up until you see the snarl on his face when faced with frozen pizza. His inevitable question will be, “How much sugar is in it?” If it passes his test, it’s a winner.

Why measure how long the last? Last week I made Oatmeal Raisin cookies from The Joy of Cooking and they were fab!
Only problem was that they were too fab. About 16 cookies were gone in 3 days. No es bueno.

So, I’m looking for healthier recipes. And first up is the homemade Larabar from Chocolate Covered Katie.
Katie’s blog is gorgeous and I think I gain a pound every time I look at it, but who cares? It’s worth it.

Homemade Larabars from Chocolate Covered Katie

Aren’t they beautiful? These are the oatmeal raisin bars, but she has a few varieties and I might start with the Peanut Butter ones (I used this picture because they look more like bars, where as the peanut butter ones are balls and my husband thought they were poop. So bars, it is!)

Given that Larabars are about $1.25 a pop, this is probably a good substitute to make.

If you have any recipes you think I should try, let me know. I’m definitely open to suggestions.

Stay Tuned For The Results!

Why I love when my house is a disaster

Why I love when my house is a disaster.

This is our playroom, and every other room looks just as bad! Isn’t it glorious? My house looks like I had a party with whirling dervishes that appeared out of each of my full laundry baskets. But while I hate the mess itself, I love the reason. It’s work. I’m so busy with work ( that I’ve been working every night until the wee hours. Mike and I have consisted on sandwiches and soup. I spent thirty minutes grocery shopping and most of it is frozen sodium-rich bags of fat filled goodness. All this crap in my stomach and my home gives me the warm and fuzzies, from the first ounce of breaded chicken nugget to the small pile of crushed goldfish living in the creases of my couch.
So, if I ask you over and you see this, remember to say congrats!