Hormones do silly things to a person

My husband took our 10-month old to visit friends today while I caught up on some work. He was gone for a few hours when I decided I’d had enough of sitting inside so I called to see if I should join him. First, he didn’t answer and I realized they were probably sitting around the pool, drinking beer and playing with the kids. Not listening for the phone.

Finally, I called the house and got hold of him. I asked if I should join and the response I expected (yes, come on down) was not exactly what I got. Instead, I got, “It’s an hour away.”

I started crying.

About Rebecca

Rebecca is a mother of two, juggling children and working while still trying to be glamorous, organized, and funny. Not entirely successful at all of that (or sometimes any of that), she considers herself the Bridget Jones of motherhood.

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